What Is 2minjobs?

2minjobs connects Workers with Employers to complete simple, Micro Jobs (tasks).

The worker completes jobs to the Employers requirements and in turn gets paid for doing it.

Who Uses 2minjobs?

Employers and Workers.

Workers everywhere around the globe who want to earn some extra money completing simple
Jobs and Employers who understand the value in Pay-Per-Action vs other types of advertising such
as CPC, Display Ads etc.

What Kind Of Jobs Can An Employer Post?

Just about anything legal that can be done online in just a few minutes or less.

The following types of Jobs are not allowed:

  • Spam or harm another website or person
  • Requiring A Credit Card or Provide Bank Account Details
  • Exchange money between payment systems
  • Complete too many tasks in a single Campaign
  • Sign-up for a free 7/14-day trial or similar offers that
    might risk involuntary payment after free offer expires

Can I Create More Than One Account?

No. You may not create more than one account. If you are caught doing this your account
will be immediately Terminated and funds forfeited.

General Employer Questions and Answers

How Do I Create A Job?

To get started creating your first job,

1. Click the Employers Link then click "Create New Job" near the
top of that page.


2. Hover over the down arrow next to Employers and click "Create New Job"

Follow the instructions.

How Can I Check and Approve the Submitted Tasks?

Go to the Employers Menu (on the left of your screen). Click to "My Jobs", find your job and click on the Zoom button (below Actions). Then you click again the Zoom button and Approve

General Worker Questions and Answers

I Have Completed A Job But It Is Pending?

All work is checked manually by the Employers. This means when you complete
a job, the status will be Pending until the Employer Accepts or Declines your work
or once 7 days have passed with no selection by the Employer.

If the Employer does not accept or reject your work in 7 days the work is automatically
accepted and your account credited on the 7th day.

Why Was The Work I Submitted Was Declined?

Generally this means you either did not complete the work as to the requirements
or you did not submit what the employer requested as Proof for crediting.

It is very important to read what proof the Employer wants from you for crediting and
supply only the proof requested (more is not always better as most employers are
busy and approving/denying will be based on how quickly they can see you completed
the job to the Requirements.

Another case, for instance. If the job is to create an account on some website/Signup, but
you already have an account, you will not get credit for this unless you create a new
account and complete the requirements by the Employer.

Generally these type of jobs want you to create an account to be in their "Downline" if you
do not follow their link and create an account you will not get credit from most employers.

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